I'm Aaron Ogan and I've been working in software for 20+ years.  About half of that time as a Software Engineer and then as an Engineering Manager.

Early in my career, I found it especially difficult to figure out what was next or how to get there.  Thankfully, I was able to find some good people and good ideas, learning how to build a successful career in software.

What I really love is enabling others by sharing that knowledge.  I've created Path to Software as a means to help others figure out their own path to becoming a Software Engineer and beyond.

My start was an opportunistic one while serving in the US Air Force.  My manager saw my interest and enthusiasm in web development - he then chose to teach and mentor me.

I then went back to finish my undergrad in Management Information Systems at Wright State University.  Shortly after, I moved to Chicago and finished a graduate program in Information Systems at Northwestern University.

Since 2008, I've worked as a Software Engineer in a variety of industries, including fine arts, real estate, marketing, ecommerce, and biotechnology. Lately, I've been managing teams working with artificial intelligence to empower legal teams.

Throughout my career, I have been fascinated with career development - starting with my own, and later, with others'.

Since 2013, I've been managing engineering teams.  I've hired, trained, coached, and mentored Software Engineers at all levels from Intern to Staff Engineer.

Starting in 2019, I have served as a mentor to students at Code Platoon, a Software Engineering bootcamp program for veterans.

More recently, as of 2023, I have begun managing other Engineering Managers.

Follow me on twitter at @aaronogan.